Our experience management, personnel, consultants and strategy partnerships allow us to supply and support the following capabilities:



  • Financial, Performance and Compliance  Audits of Federal, State and Local Governments
  • A-133 Govt. Financial Assistance Audits
  • Business Process & Operational assessments
  • General ledger accounting and reconciliation
  • Accounting Systems/ Design and implementation
  • Accounting Financial Management Supporting Service
  • Program, Budget Reporting and Evaluation
  • Payroll and Billing Support
  • Financial and Recovery Audits
  • Cost and Price Analysis



  • Business Resiliency and Emergency Preparedness Consultation
  • Business risk evaluation and remediation service
  • Strategic realignment and business process redesign/Mapping
  • Assessment and design of optimal internal control/ environment- Best Practices
  • Performance management, measurement and review services
  • Program management and consulting for emerging market
  • Training and seminar facilitators
  • A-122, A-110, A-21, A-87 Cost principles for US Federal Agencies and Non-Profit organizations.
  • Fiscal Management Policies



  • E-business strategy consultation
  • Design of IT government processes
  • Assessment of IT policies and Data Security Controls
  • COOP Plans Design, Implementation and Evaluation. – IOS standards.
  • A-123 Internal Control systems assessment
  • A-127 Financial management systems Audit
  • A-130 Mgt. of federal information resources
  • SAS 70 Review & GAO fiscal Audit
  • Training- IT Security Awareness



  • Tax preparations and IRS representations
  • Tax strategies Consultation
  • Grant & Contract management & Closeout
  • Staff Augmentative (Acct. & Fin.)
  • Fraud and Investigation Due Diligence
  • Quality control systems and documentation
  • Firm annual inspection services
  • Preissuance Inspection

Peer review and preview inspections for systems review, Engagement review, and report view.

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Vision - serve our clients, employees, and the communities through excellence.


Mission - provide professional services that assure the fairness of information that users can rely on.


Value - provide service and deliver product that add values to our clients' organization. 

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